2020 Student Scholarship Details


Essay Content & Evaluation Guidelines:
    Who/What/When/Where/How this event!
    - 3-5 paragraph essay (approx. 500-700 words.)
    - Research your Favorite Career choice within the Construction Industry.
    - Be Informative, Be Inspirational, Be Creative, Just Be You in this essay.
    - Tell us what you found to be most interesting & influential throughout the event. We wanna know what you plan to do next with these resources!!!

Who is Eligible:
    Any high school senior expected to enroll in the Spring 2021 semester or 2021/22 Academic year at any of the surrounding Career Tech / Collegiate
    Skilled Trade / Building Program of their choice.
    *Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the student’s school tuition account.

Scholarship Groupings:
    Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation ($2000+)
    (Quantity of Scholarships pending sponsorships & final funds raised)
    ***May be applied at any Career Tech or Collegiate Skilled Trade & Building Program***

    - $500 - Qty: 4 (min)

    OSU-OKC ($5000)
    (Quantity of Scholarships pending OSU-OKC)
    ***ONLY Eligible for OSU-OKC Architectural, Construction & Survey Programs***

    - $500 - Qty: 10

Due Date:
    December 4th, 2020 (End of day - midnight / 12am)
    - Email Essay & Application form to
    - Announcements will take place January 2021

Entries will receive
    - a Build My Future OKC T-shirt

Essay Evaluation:
Build My Future Board & Committee Members will review the initial round of essay entries. In the instance we receive more entries than scholarships available, we will ask our contributors to help select the final recipients.


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