2021/2022 Student Scholarship Details



To apply for a scholarship, Complete 5 squares in a row for a BINGO! Fill in your five answers under the appropriate questions in the Scholarship Application.
(HINT: Go to BMF Online Pages for Bingo answers)

Who is Eligible:
Any Central Oklahoma high school senior expected to enroll in a skilled trades or construction-related program in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall 2022 semester at an Oklahoma Career Tech / Collegiate  Skilled Trade / Building Program of their choice.
*Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the student’s school tuition account.

Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation
Scholarships available for ANY Career Tech or Collegiate Skilled Trade or Building Program 

How to Apply for a Scholarship:
On this page, download the Build my Future OKC Scholarship Bingo Card.  Your answers to the questions on the Bingo card will be part of your Scholarship Application.

Using the Build my Future online webpages, find the anwers to the Bingo card questions to complete 5 squares in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) for Bingo!

Go to the online Scholarship Application and complete your information AND your 5 Bingo answers. Submit your Scholarship Application by DECEMBER 15th 2021.

Application Review:
Build My Future Board & Committee Members will review all applications and Bingo card completions. In the instance we receive more entries than scholarships available, we will ask our contributors to help select the final recipients.